Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Bloody Love Fishing Me!

Happy New Year! 

The title is a line I Tweeted recently. It was during the Christmas holiday and I was sat at home in between sessions and I was itching to get on the bank again. It amazes me that I am still so eager to go fishing even at this time of year in aweful weather conditions. I think it reflects just how great and never-ending this pastime truly is!

The fact I'd caught a lovely, mahogany-coloured common a couple of days before Christmas might have buoyed my mood somewhat.

24.2 dark common

Following on from that, I went back to the deep pit and bagged another within a couple of hours of arriving. This one from 60ft deep! And what a corker of a mirror that turned out to be when it popped up from the abyss! It more than made up for the soaking i got while setting up and kept a smile on my face while i sat there in the mud. I thought with a start like that there was more to come but not so much as a bleep for the remainder of that session. That's fishing...

Stunning 21.2 mirror

Anyway, here I am again, 9pm, doing this live from the bank lying on my bedchair in the pitch black all cosy in the bivvy. Kettle is on the stove so i'll be breaking for tea and biscuits in a minute. The fish are very quiet so far this trip. The conditions are not as good as they were to be fair - the wind has gone, the sky is clear and the pressure's rising. Not ideal but there's always a chance. 
I busied myself today with watching the water, reading Tim Paisley's 'More From The Bivvy' (excellent book by the way) and taking a couple of pictures with my iPhone. Here's a surprisingly nice one from a different perspective... it amazes me what phones can do now...


It's deathly silent out here tonight, if a fish moves I'll hear it. I would like to write a bit more now but this blogging software is proving to be a little unfriendly on a mobile device at the minute so i'll cut it short for now and see if I can add a bit more soon. Where's those biscuits...

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